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Animal Park


Our animal park collection is a mere reflection of the rich wildlife heritage that Africa has to offer and we take it a notch higher by incorporating different species from all around the world and bringing all that closer to our clients.

Our animal consist of

  • Lions
  • Cheetahs
  • Baboons and monkeys
  • Crocodiles and other reptiles
  • Gazeles and Llama
  • Many other more

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We are Nationaly licensed by KWS in accordance to the standards that govern the Wildlife in Kenya. All of our guide and park staff are highly trained individuals whom take care of the animals

Conservation is at the heart of Wildlife Safari’s mission, and we seek to educate our community on conservation issues by going out to schools and community centers with our ambassador animals. Caring about conservation at large goes hand in hand with love for each and every animal that lives at the park. Our keepers have a bond with the animals they care for and you can see their passion in how they interact with the animals; how carefully they prepare food for each one (some are particularly picky) and how hard they work to keep enclosures clean and the animals healthy and happy. Every keeper is here for the love of it and we’ll be hearing from some of them about their experiences and daily life at the park in weeks to come.

We look forward to sharing the goings on of Wildlife Safari with you and hope you get to know and love our animals as much as we do!

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